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Yesterday we went to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dyslexia and other SpLDs meeting. We had been especially invited to attend. It was good listen to Peter Kyle and Janet Daby, who are both MP’s who have overcome their dyslexia to become successful. More importantly it was good to listen to other people in the room, who asked questions and made some important points. I was given the opportunity to speak, where I mentioned the need for early intervention and therefore more resource for Primary Schools for SpLDs. Our son (George) highlighted the inequality that occurs for those children who do not have parents who either have the knowledge or finance to help their children. We were also given a guided tour of the houses of parliament by our local MP Andrew Stephenson, this was very gracious of him to do this, as I had asked to meet him to discuss local housing issues; I have to say Andrew looked after us very well and he did not need to go to the effort that he did.