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We are still open and have checked that Sara and other specialist teachers are now on a Key Worker list. So if you work in a school and have concerns about a child who may be dyslexic or have another SpLD please do contact us. If you are a parent and have concerns about any of your children, please do make contact. Sara also is available to assess adults for DSA or Access to Work. Phone 01282 618924 or email paul@literacysolutions.co.uk


I watched this documentary years ago. Basically Bill Gates and Steve Jobs struggled with dyslexia, but they amongst others with neurodiversity developed the computers/mobile phones and the software we take for granted today. Before them there was Alan Turing, the father of computing, who also helped with the enigma code in the 2nd World War; he was apparently autistic.

So in these strange times it will be the geeks/the scientists who will either develop a vaccine or other effective therapies to ultimately find a solution to defeat COVID-19 and other emerging pathogens.