Recently I questioned the use of dyslexia as described as a learning difficulty in relation to the term Disabled Student Allowance.  I know for sure that some people are worried about being labelled as dyslexic or disabled, but neither should be see as an issue.  However we do prefer to use the term learning difference and prefer to use identified as dyslexic rather than diagnosed with dyslexia.

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I don’t recommend a service unless it is justified. We must have been using My Total Office Solutions for over 4 years now and I have found them to be excellent, as it says Simple, Honest, Service.  The new computer we purchased recently is excellent and was delivered promptly.  The printer hire service is great and hassle free, they allowed us to postpone the payments when we were not using the printer this time last year.


The new promotional umbrellas have arrived. I think we have about 10 of these. When is it appropriate to go around schools or workplaces to promote our small business?
If you want one of these Umbrellas, please let me know. I am thinking previous customers or SENCOs who work in schools. I can always drop them off outside. email
Previous customers are likely to be dyslexic but not always.


Helping Kids With Dyslexia - TEACH Magazine

Whilst we think it is better to identify dyslexia in children at a young age, we are able to assess children and adults. In the past 6 months the age range for assessments done by Sara has been from 7 to 55 years old, with people from a range of backgrounds. Sara has assessed children in Primary Schools from deprived backgrounds and has also assessed Doctors who have travelled to our garden office.

Dyslexia testing Lancashire – dyslexia teacher – Irlen Testing provided by Sara Graham Dyslexia Consultant of Literacy Solutions