We both watched this programme with great interest. A very good programme. However I feel that I must try and explain the difference and overlap between Dyslexia and Visual Stress.

So visual stress does exist and some people find that coloured overlays or tinted glasses make a huge difference for their ability to read. Most people who experience visual stress are also dyslexic and will need other interventions than just a coloured overlay. However some people with dyslexia do not experience any or very little visual stress.  There are small percentage of people who have purely visual stress and a coloured overlay or tinted glasses will actually solve their difficulties.  This is my opinion based on working with Sara for 7 years and having read 100’s of reports, as well as doing quite a lot of background research, especially when Sara worked for Chester University as a visiting lecturer.


Jay Blades on how The Repair Shop supports his dyslexia – BBC News


We are fully booked for months ahead and have many dates booked already for 2023, with the schools that Sara work with on a regular basis.  I have spoken with some other assessors and it is a similar situation for them, so if you are reading this and are thinking about organising a dyslexia assessment I suggest you do it now. Several factors have meant that there is a shortage of dyslexia assessors.

If you are a dyslexia assessor and live in or near Lancashire and would like some more work, please do make contact as I often recommend other assessors. paul@literaysolutions.co.uk.


We had a course planned for 2020, so with optimism we have planned another course this year 8th July 2022.  The venue will be Burwain Sailing Club. We are asking those who wish to attend to book early, however we won’t ask for payment until after the course has taken place.  The course is aimed at helping children from the ages of 7 to 12; teachers and teaching assistants will benefit from attending this course. For more information and a booking form please email paul@literacysolutions.co.uk


Educational Health & Care Plan

Sara has recently been asked to support a school with EHCPs for several students.

“I am working with students who have EHCP with significant literacy needs as part of their EHCP. There is a requirement for them to have access to a specialist teacher and the plan is an initial meeting and some baseline assessments to see where they are currently, talk to them about lessons and what they feel helps them and get some in class strategies in place, then I will be working with staff possibly observing in class to see that the strategies are embedded and then hopefully working with TAs to train them in delivering effective 1-1 literacy sessions tailored to people’s needs.”

If you think you need something similar for your school/child please contact paul@literacysolutions.co.uk


Dyslexia testing Lancashire – dyslexia teacher – Irlen Testing provided by Sara Graham Dyslexia Consultant of Literacy Solutions