It must have been 2008 when Sara was approached by the Head Teacher from Sir John Thursby to become a Dyslexia Specialist and embark on a comprehensive course run by Edge Hill University. The government initiative at the time was for many people to become qualified dyslexia assessors and specialist teachers across the country; the qualified people would not only work for their school but would also support other local schools.

Dyslexia is apparently the most common SEN, affecting about 1 in 10 people.

When Sara had nearly completed her course, the 2009 banking crisis happened, and then the 2010 general election meant a change of government, and hence a change in government policy. So whilst Sara did complete her qualification, the job she was supposed to have disappeared.

Fortunately, a sabbatical at the University of Edge Hill had been agreed, and Sara became a visiting lecturer to help others complete the specialist dyslexia course.

By 2012 Sara was becoming frustrated at not been able to use her qualification and skills to benefit as many children as possible, so after some thought and planning she took the decision to become an independent dyslexia assessor and also offer specialist support, so Sara became self-employed in 2013 and Literacy Solutions was born.

Sara had also approached the University of Chester and became a part time visiting lecturer for the Ma Dyslexia Course.

By 2015 Sara was becoming very busy and came home saying she needed to employ someone, possibly part time to help her with administration.  So, I became Sara’s office manager.

So, 9 years ago I began working for Sara and at the time I knew very little about dyslexia, marketing and my typing skills weren’t brilliant. I have learnt a great deal over the past 9 years about dyslexia and other SpLDS, and I have also developed many other skills.

I now also do some work for other dyslexia assessors in other areas of the country as I have become proficient at proofreading the reports; this is a very niche skill.

Sara now has a number of local schools that she works for on a regular basis.

Sara does do private assessments for both children and adults, and these now take place in our garden office which was built 7 years ago.



Today I attended the Research & Knowledge Exchange Festival Innovation and Growth Knowledge Exchange Event at UCLan.

I really enjoyed the morning and it was great to meet and talk to people at the event. They were genuinely interested when they ask what I do, and I explained that I work with Sara, who is a dyslexia specialist; I explained that many people who are the innovators are/were dyslexic or neurodiverse, such as Steve Jobs, Alan Turin, Thomas Edison, Carol Greider and many more.

It was lovely to meet Ambreen Chohan, MattDickinson, Martin Blunt and many other people from the University.

I explained that we could especially help some students who have slipped through the net and those from the Burnley campus are not far away.


Writing a report for  a full dyslexia assessment is a lengthy process and high standards need to be met.  I have  proofread the reports that Sara writes for over 8 years and I have also proof-read several reports for other assessors.  I have some time available to help some other assessors if they feel they need this service.


Dyslexia testing Lancashire – dyslexia teacher – Irlen Testing provided by Sara Graham Dyslexia Consultant of Literacy Solutions