Having just proofread a report for another dyslexia assessor, I think I was asked to offer an opinion.  The following is what I wrote:

Sara sometimes agonises over a diagnostic decision and asks my opinion.

I have to remind her that she is the expert and I am not.

In any report it is the recommendations that are the most important part and at that at least some of these are applied is most important overall.

However, if you do want my opinion of a diagnosis for this profile, when considering that his reading is OK, but his greatest weakness is with writing, despite having good vocabulary,

I would conclude Dysgraphia (Difficulty getting thoughts down in writing).

Our own son has very complex profile and is probably a high functioning autistic (Used to be referred to as Asperger’s).

His reading, comprehension and spelling skills are very high, but he struggles to write; dysgraphia was suggested after an assessment when he was 12 years old.

We had never heard of dysgraphia before, but it is a diagnosis that would fit his profile.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Paul Graham

Office Manager



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