“Understanding Dekko”
FREE Webinar November 3rd    Join Rossie Stone
Tuesday November 3rd at 4 pm GMT   We’re delighted to be delivering a free webinar to give you insights into our founder Rossie Stone: a dyslexic entrepreneur who discovered a learning technique that gave him his first “A” in an academic exam.

The webinar will go into detail about how Rossie conceived Dekko Comics into a company that turns schoolwork into entertaining comic stories.
Dekko truly understands that there is more than one way to communicate words. 
Rossie himself has won many awards and spoken on several TEDx talks on the topic.

This will be a truly inspiring webinar to give teachers, parents and those with neurodiverse tendencies an understanding that there really are many ways to comprehend the written word.

At Dekko we want to help all children achieve their potential and thrive.
We believe every child deserves that opportunity.

We hope you will join us. Please register below.   Register Here Facebook Twitter Link Dekko Comics Website     Copyright © 2016 Dekko Comics, All rights reserved.

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