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Blow your own trumpet

Occasionally you have to blow your own trumpet. Last week the A level results came out, a young lady who Sara had assessed went from been predicted 3 E’s in her A levels to achieving 3 A’s. Yesterday the GCSE results came out, a boy I had tutored for GCSE science achieved the top grade (9) in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Obviously, both of these students also worked very hard as well, but we definitely gave them the right support.

Dyslexia in Young Children

Sara came across this recently and it reminded us that Nursery highlighted that our son might have a SPLD even at the age of 4.

I don’t like to term “diagnose dyslexia” as it is not an illness, however, what other way can explain what we mean?

We generally say that a child can be “diagnosed” at the age of 7, but I certainly think the signs of dyslexia can be apparent at a much earlier age.